Welcome to my Gallery - with pictures from Airshows, Museums and Spotting locations.
This is very much still Work in Progress - so come back once in a while for new photo collections.
Note that all photos have been taken by myself in the last couple of years...

Have fun !

Volker Vormstein

Belgian Airforce Days
Kleine Brogel Airbase
08./09.September 2018

The Airforce Days presented a Cross Section of Military Aviation on Ground and in the Air. The BAF presented their units and the Airforce as a workplace in a very professional manner. Good weather ( some clouds .. but all Displays could perform at least medium shows) helped a lot to get some decent shots...

My personal favourite was the Ukrainian Flanker Display. Would have loved, however, to see the F35 and the Mig29 in the air as well...but you can't have everything ...