Welcome to my Gallery - with pictures from Airshows, Museums and Spotting locations.
This is very much still Work in Progress - so come back once in a while for new photo collections.
Note that all photos have been taken by myself in the last couple of years...

Have fun !

Volker Vormstein

Oldtimer-Treff 2016
09.-11.09.2016 - Hahnweide

Fliegergruppe Wolf Hirth again put on an impressive Oldtimer Meeting with more than 350 planes at the airfield and lots of them in aerial display .. from gliders to Biplanes to Warbirds. One can hardly believe that this event is planned and executed by a private flying club and with the help of lots of volunteers... All the thousands of work hours : Very much appreciated by all visitors.

And the weather coldn't have been better .. sunny skies throughout the whole weekend.

Hopefully, we'll see another 'OTT' within the next years !

Photos in this album are a selection of more than 1000 that I took during the Saturday event.